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KV Krishna Prasad


One of the deepest impression on Krishna Prasad’s life is of his guru Vidwan R.K. Padmanabha.

A music genius, a vaggeyakara, a social reformer and lastly, a doyen of Karnatik music Vidwan R.K. Padmanabha plays an indispensable part of Krishna Prasad’s life.

Strict adherence to shruthi, discipline, tradition, impeccable organizing skills and managerial ability are characteristics of the R.K. Padmanabha school of music, that Krishna Prasad exhibits in abundance. Krishna Prasad bears guru R.K. Padmanabha unconditionally responsible for ‘his’ recognition and acclamation in the society and the music forum. He claims it is his experience with his guru, be it being an active listener of his guru’s concerts or being involved in music festivals organized by his guru and also largely from the scholastic sessions at Vadiraja Bhavan, Rudrapatna Sangeetotsava, The Karnataka Ganakala Parishat etc that gives him immense source of learning. The wealth of learning that Krishna Prasad has inherited from his guru which is now manifesting in carving a distinctive identity for himself stands him tall among the musicians alike.


Yet another feather to his cap and his backbone is Sri K.N. Venkatanarayana who has been a multifaceted person in serving the society since 40 years, a great organizer, an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. His experience and guidance is playing an important role in sculpting Krishna Prasad’s personality and has inculcated in him modesty, ethics and principles.

The father-son duo bags the credit of harmonizing many impeccable events like the Sri Rama Samrajya Pattabhisheka, the N.R. Colony Ramotsava, Paduka Yatra etc.




Aside from his success with music, Krishna Prasad runs an academic school called ‘Our School’ that facilitates unique learning through art forms and tacit conventions. Providing the rich cultural heritage of India to the youth to inculcate moral values and national character, and also to enable them to face all the challenges of the present era of rapid growing technology has been his motive since he started this profession. The thought of solving the complexities of the society which affects the curriculum, in turn teaching-learning processes, and matching every step with the ground realities of the present society has made him a visionary educationist.  The school is lately being applauded for its peculiar teaching methodologies, remarkable proliferation and its rapid spread into academics, cultural and logical expanse across its peers.



Krishna Prasad is the secretary at N.R. Colony Rama Mandira, one of the earliest establishments in Bangalore. The Sabha has played a major role in encouraging and promoting Indian art forms and has endeavored to provide various avenues to bring to public notice aspiring artists and scholars by conducting conferences and concerts beneath its roof. Krishna Prasad has ably transformed the sabha’s premises to cater to the modern era making Rama Mandira one of the sought out sangeeta sabhas.


1 - Sri Sadguru Chaitanya Mandira - Padu

Sadhguru Seva Trust has been a premium trust in the city of Bengaluru for bringing out the cultural and religious awareness in the society. The Sadguru Chaitanya Paduka Mandira has been a brain child of this trust under the presidency of Sri K.N. Venkatanarayana and secretaryship of Krishna Prasad. It has been popular in the city for housing more than 100 padukas of saints and sages of India with the intention of propagating the significance and philosophy of a guru to the society without the barrier of caste and religion.

It also has been a center for many cultural and dharmic programs on a weekly basis, endeavoring a traditional yet all-pervading society.

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